Construction Hoists vs. Transport Platforms

Construction Hoists vs. Transport Platforms UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE (AND WHY YOU SHOULD) Standard Construction Hoist / Personnel Hoist (“Buck Hoist”) Definition– Hoist that is installed inside or outside a building or structure during the construction, alteration, or demolition of the building or structure and that is used to raise and lower workers, other personnel, and materials […]

Learning Curve? Maxial Track Scaffold Hoists Prove Easy To Integrate

What Learning Curve? Maxial Track Hoists Prove Easy To Integrate ACE Forming Systems recently completed a project in Isla Verde, P.R. on a new Marriott hotel property.  The work consisted of 98′ x 130′ scaffold, 7 working levels and a stair tower. They seized the opportunity to use 2 new Maxial Track Hoists they had […]

Studies Show Surprising Amount Of Time Wasted On Construction Sites

time wasted on construction projects graph

Multiple studies show that in many, if not most cases, skilled workers actually spend LESS THAN HALF of their time actually producing on construction projects. Most of the time this is not the fault of the workers (it’s not just about being lazy).  As the illustration above shows, the majority of time that is wasted […]

Are You Using Maxial Track Hoists Properly?

using maxial hoist baskets in tandem

Maxial Track Hoists have become an industry standard for scaffold E&D work, but… If you aren’t using the Maxial Track Hoists the way they were designed, you are not getting the full benefit. There is no doubt that using Maxial hoists increases safety by decreasing the amount of material that needs to be passed up […]

Your Project on Center Stage

example of construction project

We love hearing about your projects and we want to show off your work to the world. Please email us a picture of your project that includes a Beta Max Hoist @