Studies Show Surprising Amount Of Time Wasted On Construction Sites

time wasted on construction projects graph

Multiple studies show that in many, if not most cases, skilled workers actually spend LESS THAN HALF of their time actually producing on construction projects.

Most of the time this is not the fault of the workers (it’s not just about being lazy).  As the illustration above shows, the majority of time that is wasted is due to WAITING.  Waiting on materials, waiting for equipment or tools, etc.  

The use of Beta Max High Speed Hoists is one of the single most effective ways that construction crews can reduce downtime and get materials to skilled workers at height without delays. 

Beta Max Wire Rope Hoists can lift up to 2000 lbs and can lift up to 1000 lbs at a speed of 80′ per minute.  That’s FAST.  

Not only are Beta Max Wire Rope Hoists fast and powerful, they offer an extremely cost effective solution that gives crews the ability to work independently without having to share crane and lift time with other contractors.

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