Top Tech Tips To Keep Your Hoist Working and Making You Money (practically) Forever

How to Keep Your Hoist Working and Making You Money

Beta Max High Speed Portable Wire Rope Hoists have a reputation of being the longest-lasting hoists available.  It is not uncommon for these workhorses to keep running for 10 – 15 years or more, which means they provide an incredible Return On Investment year after year if you take care of them.

Here are the Top Ten Tips from Beta Max Hoist Techs to keep your hoists working right and making you money: 

  1. Make sure there is adequate and proper power going to the hoist EVERY TIME.  Roughly 95% or more of the calls that come in to the service department are due to power-related issues so just read the manual and make sure you plan ahead to make sure you have the right power available to save yourself unnecessary headaches and delays, not to mention prolonging the life of the motors.
  2. Keep the hoist level under load on every job.  This is another common mistake that is easily avoidable.  Check the hoist with a level when lifting loads to prevent the cable from spooling on one end of the drum, which will lead to problems and reduce the life of the cable.
  3. Lift loads straight up and down.  Don’t try to pick loads from an angle or drag them to the side.  The hoists are designed to lift the loads straight up and down in order to keep the cable spooling properly and extend the life of the cable.
  4. Store hoists away from excessive moisture between uses.  Remember, these hoists are a solid investment that MAKE YOU MONEY, so store them properly.
  5. Check the Upper Limit Switch at the start of each shift.  It is important to make sure this is adjusted and working properly because it stops the load block before it can pile into and damage the hoist.  
  6. Make sure all hardware is tight on every install.  Details matter…take the time to check all hardware and get it right.
  7. Replace transmission grease at least once annually, or after every other project.  
  8. Check for brake pad wear after every project.
  9. Perform a brake gap adjustment (or have someone else do it) annually.
  10. Inspect fan blades to confirm that they are intact and straight after every project.  

BONUS TIP: Read the Manual!  Seriously…it is worth the time to get to know your hoist, how to use it properly and learn what to do and not to do.  The manual also provides monthly and yearly checklists to help you keep your hoist working for a REALLY long time.

For more information or if you have any questions contact us at 800.644.6478 and ask to speak to someone in our Service / Tech Department.