What Learning Curve?
Maxial Track Hoists Prove Easy To Integrate

ACE Forming Systems recently completed a project in Isla Verde, P.R. on a new Marriott hotel property.  The work consisted of 98′ x 130′ scaffold, 7 working levels and a stair tower.

They seized the opportunity to use 2 new Maxial Track Hoists they had recently purchased but not yet tried.  

Operations Manager Wilfredo Negron stated that even with the “learning curve” of using new equipment, they were able to seamlessly integrate the Maxial hoists.

“We reduced the job duration by 4 days AND we ended up only needing 10 workers for the entire install…we would have needed almost twice that many people without the hoists.”

“My installation team is more than happy with the Maxial Track Hoists and we plan to use them for all of our tall projects.”


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