Are You Using Maxial Track Hoists Properly?

using maxial hoist baskets in tandem

Maxial Track Hoists have become an industry standard for scaffold E&D work, but…

If you aren’t using the Maxial Track Hoists the way they were designed, you are not getting the full benefit.

There is no doubt that using Maxial hoists increases safety by decreasing the amount of material that needs to be passed up and down by hand or with ropes and pulleys.  That benefit is automatic if you are using Maxial Track Hoists.  

However, did you know that the Maxial Track Hoist system is designed to be used in tandem?  (In other words, the proper way to use Maxials is to run 2 hoists side by side on the job.)

When Maxials are used in this manner, productivity is increased because whenever a full basket is going up, and empty one is on the way down to get loaded.  This way your crew is never waiting around for materials.  If you are only using one Maxial, your crew has to wait for the empty basket to go down and get loaded and come back up.

When used in tandem, as soon as one Maxial basket is unloaded, the other one is already on its way up with more materials. 

Numerous case studies have been performed and it has been proven that 2 Maxial Track Hoists working in tandem will deliver material as fast or faster than even the most experienced crew in a man-line.

This frees your workers up to do more productive work than just passing material up and down all day, and you get the job done FASTER AND SAFER, not to mention probably under budget.