Maxial Track Hoists Provide Immediate ROI on Panama City Scaffold Project

trekker group panama city

May 2019 Investing in equipment is a normal cost of doing business, and of course the hope is that thenew equipment will provide enough benefit to eventually “pay for itself”. Typically it is not realistic to purchase equipment (or anything for that matter) and expect to get a 100% IMMEDIATE Return On Investment, but that […]

BETA MAX HOISTS Hosting Expanded Product and Sales Training Programs in Florida

beta max hoist product and sales training

Do you sell / rent Beta Max Hoists?  Have you ever visited our facility in Palm Bay, Florida?  Interested? Beta Max has been hosting more of our dealers and distributors lately for product orientation / sales training events lately and they have been extremely successful.   Rather than just going out and giving a PowerPoint sales […]

Maxial Track Hoists In High Demand For Fall Outage Season

maxial track hoist boilers

When most people think of fall, things like leaf colors, football and pumpkin spice might come to mind.  At Beta Max Hoist, we know it is fall because of the extremely high number of Maxial Track Hoists we ship out for the FALL OUTAGE SEASON. The fall is a busy time for maintenance outages at […]

Studies Show Surprising Amount Of Time Wasted On Construction Sites

time wasted on construction projects graph

Multiple studies show that in many, if not most cases, skilled workers actually spend LESS THAN HALF of their time actually producing on construction projects. Most of the time this is not the fault of the workers (it’s not just about being lazy).  As the illustration above shows, the majority of time that is wasted […]

Beta Max Training Academy A Huge Success

beta max training academy certified

The new Beta Max Hoist Training Academy is an industry-leading training program offering Certification Courses for: High Speed Wire Rope Hoists Maxial Track Scaffold Hoists Rack & Pinion Material / Personnel Hoists and Transport Platforms. Since the launch of the new training platform in October 2017… OVER 80 INDIVIDUALS HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED BETA MAX CERTIFICATION TRAINING! […]