Maxial Track Hoists Provide Immediate ROI on Panama City Scaffold Project

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May 2019

Investing in equipment is a normal cost of doing business, and of course the hope is that the
new equipment will provide enough benefit to eventually “pay for itself”. Typically it is not realistic to purchase equipment (or anything for that matter) and expect to get a 100% IMMEDIATE Return On Investment, but that is exactly what recently happened when the Trekker Group invested in Maxial Track Hoists.

Trekker Group’s Access Division recently took on a large scale scaffolding project at Harbor Village Condominiums in Panama City, FL. Based on the layout of the building, Trekker bid the 10 – story project based on a plan to build it out in 200′ sections (10 sections in total). The original plan called for 16 workers to build each 200′ section, with each section scheduled to take around 10 days.

The distance between the location of the project in the Florida Panhandle and their nearest office in Central FL presented some daunting logistics and overhead costs when considering travel, lodging and per diem etc. for so many workers.

Trekker’s Access Division Manager Micah Turner had some familiarity with the Maxial Track Hoists and had heard they were an efficient way to tackle multi-story scaffold projects. After some additional research, they decided to move forward with a purchase of 2 Maxial Track Hoists to help handle material movement on the Harbor View project with the hopes of reducing the number of workers they would have to send to Panama City.

This turned out to be an extremely good decision. Here is what Micah Turner had to say:

“By using the Maxial Hoists on we were able to complete the first 200′ section in one week with a crew of only 6 men. Under normal circumstances with this building cut up the way it was it would have taken us around 10 days with 16 men, so we were able cut that down by at least 3 days, using 10 guys less.”

“We saw (around $40k) in savings just on the labor alone for the first section.”

Maxial Track Hoists are specifically designed for scaffolding and provide a safer, more efficient way to handle the movement of material on multi-story projects. By utilizing Maxial Track Hoists to move material delivery between the ground level and working height, scaffold companies are able to reduce or eliminate the use of “daisy-chain” man-lines and are able to utilize their workers for tasks other than just passing material up and down all day. In addition to reducing labor costs, this significantly reduces the risk of injury on the job site due to dropped material, repetitive movement, pulled muscles and fatigue.

Maxial Track Hoists are simple to install and are designed to build along with the scaffold by adding track sections for the hoist as the working height increases. These hoists can be unpacked and installed on the scaffold by 2 people in about 20 minutes.

Check out the video below which includes some great drone video footage of the project:

Maxial Track Hoists are manufactured by Beta Max in Palm Bay, FL.

Call 800.644.6478 to speak to someone about how you can use Maxial Track Hoists to improve the way you work.