Contractor Testimonial: Doubling Productivity on Ritz-Carlton Renovation with MC3000 Transport Platforms

ritz-carlton naple renovation project

Complete Property Services (CPS) recently utilized (4) Beta Max MC3000 Transport Platforms to complete a massive restoration project on the Ritz – Carlton Resort in Naples, FL. 

In the video testimonial below, a Superintendent for CPS discusses how these hoists were the solution they needed to provide access in multiple locations around the project to eliminate bottlenecks and waiting time to keep multiple trades moving and the job flowing seamlessly.

By having a strategic plan not only for ACCESS to the building, but also for the MOVEMENT OF WORKERS AND MATERIAL on the project, they were able to complete what would ordinarily be about a 9 month project in approximately 4 months!

You will be able to read about this project and how the Beta Max Transport Platforms were used to increase productivity in feature article of the upcoming issue of the SA Magazine, which is the official publication of the Scaffold and Access Industry Association. 

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