Building Codes In Many States Trigger Demand for Smaller Personnel Hoists

2000PMB Personnel Hoist

Building codes in many states now require a construction elevator or personnel lift on the jobsite.  They are required in California, Nevada and Washington all multi-story construction projects that exceed 60 ft in height.  The same requirement exists in other states (New York, for example) for structures that exceed 75 ft.  Don’t risk having your project shut down or delayed by not having a lift or elevator on site for your workers!



Fortunately you don’t have to risk breaking the bank or eat up your profits in order to comply.  Smaller, cost-effective hoists like the MC2000PMB from Beta Max, Inc. make it possible to comply with OSHA requirements without the cost and impact of larger 6000 lb. hoists.


6000 lb. hoists are great for certain applications, but they usually involve a lot of manpower and a crane with a C11 license to install, and they require significant tie-in reinforcement which impacts the building.


In contrast, the MC2000PMB hoist is easy to install and self-erecting with simple tie-ins and minimal impact on the structure, lightweight materials, a small footprint, and lower voltage requirements. 


These lightweight, high speed hoists fit in most elevator shafts so finding a place on site to install one is not an issue.  This is the perfect solution if you need a lift to meet code, but don’t need a large hoist or elevator. 


Not only will Beta Max Hoists meet the code requirement of a personnel lift, you will be glad you have them on site.  With a lifting speed of 80 ft. per minute and 2000 lb. capacity, the MC2000PMB hoists will help you complete your projects faster.  Contractors will often install one of these hoists just to satisfy the code, and then when they see how much their productivity increases they are more than happy to keep using them on future projects.  


Needless to say, this has sparked an increase in demand for both rentals and purchases of Beta Max Hoists. 


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