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Top Tech Tips To Keep Your Hoist Working and Making You Money (practically) Forever

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Beta Max High Speed Portable Wire Rope Hoists have a reputation of being the longest-lasting hoists available.  It is not uncommon for these workhorses to keep running for 10 – 15 years or more, which means they provide an incredible Return On Investment year after year if you take care of them. Here are the [...]

Beta Max Hoists on the Ritz

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The Iconic Ritz Carlton Hotel in Naples, FL is undergoing a massive exterior renovation, and it is being completed in record time with the help of (4) MC3000/4000 Transport Platforms providing access to all levels. Complete Property Services (CPS) is the General Contractor on the job, and they were tasked with completing what would ordinarily [...]

Beta Max Hoist Showroom Demo and Overview of the LEO VFD

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The Leo VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Hoist has become one of the most popular hoists in the industry for good reason.  Simply put, it outperforms ANY hoist of its kind.  Period.  All VFD’s are NOT created equal. https://betamaxhoist.wistia.com/medias/9blhnf8yzk?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640 Key Features: Variable Frequency Drive – Advanced VFD technology provides unmatched performance.  Soft Start / Stop protects [...]

Beta Max Portable Hoist Accessories Offer Multiple Solutions for Material Movement

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Whether you need to lift brick, mud, blocks, general materials, tools…Beta Max Hoist Accessories have you covered! With options including Brick Trays, Dumpster Buckets, Equipment Baskets, Block Forks, Spreader Bars and more, we can keep your materials flowing on the job to help you get more done faster, safer and smarter.  Don’t make your skilled workers [...]

Beta Max Heading to Chicago for 2018 SAIA Convention July 9 – 12

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Beta Max is gearing up for another fantastic SAIA Annual Convention. Last year in Montreal, Beta Max was awarded the Commercial Collaborative Project of the Year Award for our involvement with the Trinity Dome  Project at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.   This year we will be [...]

Ask The Right Questions To Increase Safety AND Profits

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  Increase Productivity, Profits AND Safety by Asking Yourself the 2 Following Questions on EVERY MULTI-STORY PROJECT. “Do I ever experience bottlenecks or delays?” “Is there a better way to move materials up and down on the job?” Yes, it really is that easy.  If you get into the HABIT of asking yourself these questions, you [...]

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