Back-To-Back Certification Training Courses At BETA MAX This Month

March 2023 – The month started out with a bang at BETA MAX Hoists with a full class of students for the in person / hands on portion of MC2500 TP/M certification course. Several of the students in this class were seasoned pros when it comes to installing and dismantling rack & pinion hoists and were completing requirements for re-certification. The MC2500 is a popular small-footprint construction hoist that can be installed either as a material hoist or as a transport platform.

The following week BETA MAX hosted another full class for certification training on the MC4000/3000 Transport Platform, one of BETA MAX’s most popular rack & pinion hoists.  In the 3000lb capacity configuration this transport platform provides a 13 ft deck ideal for moving drywall and other bulkier objects along with providing vertical access to various trades.


For more information about BETA MAX Hoists certification training or to find out more about material hoists, construction elevators and transport platforms call 800-644-6478  or email