CASE STUDY: Job-Walk at Universal Studios Resort Hotel Renovation

Universal Jobwalk

August 2023 – BETA MAX HOIST was asked to participate in a job-walk at a large-scale renovation project at a Universal Studios resort hotel…


  • Building to be wrapped in scaffolding with some sections going up 9 decks and not enough labor to handle vertical material movement and building the scaffold
  • Exterior panels (8’x4′) needed to be lifted to all levels of scaffolding and installed on building
  • Large amounts of plaster debris and other materials needed to be removed from the building and lowered to ground level for transport and disposal – trash chutes not feasible due to size restriction and hotel management restrictions


  • Maxial Track Hoists are being installed with System Baskets for the scaffold E&D which reduces manpower needed by approximately 50%.
  • Once the scaffolding is built, the baskets on the Maxial Track Hoists will be changed out to Frame Baskets to accommodate the panels that need to be lifted and installed.
  • Gemini Hoists with I-Beam Trolley Tops and Dumpster Buckets being installed atop the scaffolding with a 3.5′ cantilever in order to lower loads of debris to ground level and dump into carts for removal.

Contact us to discuss material hoist options to streamline material movement on site, control labor costs and meet timelines more effectively and efficiently.