Material Hoist In Use Since First iPhone Was Introduced

October 2022 – BETA MAX HOIST customer at a BOISE® paper mill called in to finally replace the GEMINI material hoist that they have been using since 2007!  To put this in perspective, 2007 is the year that Steve Jobs introduce the ORIGINAL iPhone to the world.  The hoist was installed and remained outside in the harsh elements in Minnesota year-round. They used the hoist extensively during annual outages and a couple other times a month throughout the year to lift scaffolding and other supplies. 
To say that BETA MAX HOISTS are built to last is an understatement.

The GEMINI portable material hoists are one of the most widely used high-speed wire rope hoists in the world. They lift loads of up to 600lbs up to 220′ at a speed of 80′ per minute or up to 1200lbs at 40′ per minute with the push of a button. Click HERE for more information or give us a call at 800.644.6478.