How Scaffold Companies Will Profit From All The Snow

Scaffold in SnwoBack in November, your company probably set a revenue goal for 2014.   (I’d bet it’s a little more than last year, everyone’s an optimist.) Only one problem, no one saw this winter coming.


There are max 300 work days in a good year (including Saturdays.)  But this year, there will be far less.


How are you going to squeeze out all the revenue your boss wants with much fewer days to do it?


The short answer is you will have to get more productive fast – and here is how to do it right.



The good news is you aren’t the only one feeling the productivity squeeze.  Construction firms are too. Their project timelines have been are getting crunched left and right due to the weather and they are looking for any way possible to get back on schedule once things clear.


That means a lot of work in a short period of time for scaffold companies who can keep up.


Many scaffold companies will ramp up people to get through the rush of jobs and then ramp back down again.  By next fall, they will have weathered the storm but their company will look the same as it does now – i.e. the same number of full time people bidding on the same type of work.


Other scaffold companies will meet the rush of work by purchasing equipment.  If they purchase the right equipment by next fall their company will look very different – they’ll have the same number of people, but each one will be more profitable and more productive.  Going forward, they will be able to submit better bids on the work they normally do and compete for jobs they wouldn’t have bid on in the past.


All the snow has backed up a string of construction projects creating a very low risk time to buy equipment.


Maxial Track Scaffold Hoist The Maxial Track Scaffold Hoist is the best choice of equipment to buy to maximize the opportunity this winter has created:


1.  You can handle the rush of work created by this winter. 

The Beta Max Maxial Track Scaffold Hoists are proven to shorten scaffold project times by 30% over man lines or daisy chains.


As one scaffold pro, Brian Hill, put it,


You can use any math formula you wish, but dollar for dollar you will not hire anyone who can perform this amount of work; without the breaks, the fatigue, or the wear and tear as the Maxial Track hoist.


… Our company made great advances in profitability, and our work load utilizing this machine (Maxial Track Hoist). Increases in our labor revenues and our job completion times, made for profit margins unheard of before.


2.      You’ll be enjoying increased profits fast.

The increased production means Beta Max Maxial Track Scaffold Hoists typically have extremely short paypack periods.


Barry Tymchuk, a scaffold installer in Canada, more than paid for multiple Maxials in less than a week of use on a boiler project.  He states,

… we finished in just under six shifts instead of 8-10, with half the man power.   …… I probably saved myself something in the order of about $250,000.


3.      You’ll enjoy larger profit margins for years and years.

Beta Max Maxial Track Scaffold Hoists run day in and day out for years.


Tom Kirvin of All American Scaffold called us last month to let us know that after 25 years of consistent use, a Maxial Hoist he bought from us had finally stopped working..


ReaganIt doesn’t take a genius to know if you bought your Beta Max Hoist when this guy was president and it lasted until this year, that was a good purchase decision.


(A good purchase decision that Tom Kirvin was smart enough to do again – they own multiple Maxials at this point.)


In fact, 84% of our Beta Max Maxial Track Hoist sales are to repeat customers.


Think about that.  Once the vast majority of Maxial Track customers experience the productivity and profitability gains of a Maxial, they call us up and buy another one (or three).


There is not much else I can say, than now is the right time to get a quote on a Maxial Track


We will punch the numbers for your next project (or typical project) so you can make an informed decision.


Either way, I want you to be ready when the snow stops.


Bart Pair
Beta Max Hoist


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