BETA MAX HOISTS Wins SAIA Collaborative Commercial Project of the Year Award

trinity dome project basilica

Beta Max Wins Award at SAIA for”Commercial Collaborative Project of the Year”.

(July 2017) The annual SAIA Conference was held in Montreal, and the event was capped off with the President’s Gala Awards Banquet.  Among the many awards that were presented to various industry leaders for their contributions to SAIA and the scaffold industry, Beta Max was the winner of the Commercial Collaborative Project of the Year Award for their involvement in the Trinity Dome Project at The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.  This is the largest Roman Catholic church in North America and is among the ten largest churches in the world.  It is referred to as “America’s Catholic Church”.  This project won the award due to the extensive cooperation and collaboration that was needed between Beta Max and Scaffold Solutions to incorporate the MC2000PMB hoist into the scaffold and elevated platform design.  Shanon Beekman and Troy Palmer of Beta Max were in attendance at the Gala event and were presented with the award.

The Trinity Dome Project is one of the largest mosaic tile installations in the world, and involved the creation of an elevated structural steel platform to accommodate an elaborate scaffold system and an upper-level rack and pinion hoist (Beta Max MC2000PMB).  The hoist was required to move manpower and materials up and down in the dome which towers 160′ above the pews in the nave of the church.

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