BETA MAX Hoists Raises The Bar With Certification Training

BETA MAX Hoists Raises the Bar with Certification Training “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – B.B. King BETA MAX Hoists continues to raise the bar on comprehensive, safety-focused Certification Training. April 2024 —  At BETA MAX Hoists, training is not just about teaching people how […]

Scaffolding at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Universal Studios with Maxial Track Hoists

Scaffolding at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Universal Studios with Maxial Track Hoists Photo Credits: EPIC Shutter Photography, Peaceful Thrill Seaker April 2024 — Ever notice how often Maxial Track Hoists are used in high-profile scaffolding projects? This month we are honored that they are being utilized both by Trekker Group for construction at the new Universal Studios Epic […]

BETA MAX HOISTS Installed At F1 Miami Grand Prix

BETA MAX Transport Platforms Installed At F1 Miami Grand Prix May 2023 – The BETA MAX MC1600 TP/M was recently selected as a hoisting solution at the grandstand of the upcoming Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix.  The MC1600 is a small-footprint transport platform with a 1600lb capacity and can fit in smaller spaces than just […]

Material Hoist In Use Since First iPhone Was Introduced

October 2022 – BETA MAX HOIST customer at a BOISE® paper mill called in to finally replace the GEMINI material hoist that they have been using since 2007!  To put this in perspective, 2007 is the year that Steve Jobs introduce the ORIGINAL iPhone to the world.  The hoist was installed and remained outside in the […]

Learning Curve? Maxial Track Scaffold Hoists Prove Easy To Integrate

What Learning Curve? Maxial Track Hoists Prove Easy To Integrate ACE Forming Systems recently completed a project in Isla Verde, P.R. on a new Marriott hotel property.  The work consisted of 98′ x 130′ scaffold, 7 working levels and a stair tower. They seized the opportunity to use 2 new Maxial Track Hoists they had […]

BETA MAX HOISTS Expands Distribution In North America With LGH

BETA MAX HOISTS AND LGH COMBINE STRENGTHS TO PROVIDE THE HIGHEST STANDARD IN LIFTING SOLUTIONS• BETA MAX Hoists Portable and Maxial Track systems will be fully stocked for sales, rentals, and prompt service through LGH distribution centers across North America. This will ensure dealers and customers across the USA and Canada will have BETA MAX […]