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I have worked in the scaffolding industry since 1988. In the early 1990’s I was introduced to a machine that changed the entire playing field of that industry. This is my testimonial…   The Beta Max Maxial Track Hoist was demonstrated to me, a branch manager, and the owner of a small scaffolding company. I had heard of this machine through acquaintances in the industry, but had never witnessed the use of one. I was very impressed. It built very quickly and attached directly to the system scaffold that we used for the demo. The 3 of us were immediately sold, and purchased that demo model with 100’ of track. My relationship with Beta-Max started on that day. Our company quickly learned that this machine could replace the old daisy chain (man-line) of equipment from the ground to the erection point in the air.   The company made great advances in profitability, and our work load utilizing this machine. Increases in our labor revenues and our job completion time(s), made for profit margins unheard of before. Not to mention being able to generate more work for our employee’s. Soon we needed more track and another unit.   After leaving that company, I encountered many other companies utilizing this machine. Many had multiple units and countless track sections. We would use 2, 4, or 6 machines in a boiler. The ground crew would generally consist of 5 laborers and a supervisor. The hoist crew would generally consist of 2 laborers, and 2 hoist operators. This would feed the crew above constructing the scaffold, generally 4 to 12 men including a supervisor. Crews were established according to the actual size of the scaffold to be built. Some of the boilers we constructed were well over 200 feet high, and bridges over 400’ tall. The Maxial Track hoist builds right with the scaffolding, as you go up one section at a time.   Now, there are other hoist systems.  I have seen many different hoists and pulleys used to eliminate the man line (or daisy chain), but none meet the safety aspect or simplicity of the Maxial Track system. You don’t have to fuel it or have wide open area like a forklift; it uses either 120V or 240V electricity that is readily accessible on most jobsites; and it will not wear out, like a man pulling a rope and bucket. The hoist builds right with the scaffolding as you go. Just add more tracks, extend the cable, and your back to work. I have personally used these systems on bridge work, commercial construction, industrial construction with frame scaffold, system scaffold, or tube and clamp type scaffold. You can use any math formula you wish, but dollar for dollar you will not hire anyone who can perform this amount of work; without the breaks, the fatigue, or the wear and tear as the Maxial Track hoist. Using 2 machines doubles your production instantly, and provides for back-up in the unlikely event of machine failure or break down. The Maxial Track hoist packs easily into a small covered trailer, and travels with your crew or equipment. The units are low maintenance, easy to care for, and very simple to operate using a pendant control. There is simply no other way to go.   Sincerely, Brian Hill   Eagle Hoist Systems Formerly Florida Division Manager at American Construction Hoist West Palm Beach, Florida Area  

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