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Our clients partner with us when they need to:
  1. Move construction materials vertically quickly and safely,
  2. Have complete control over when, where and how materials are delivered,
  3. And have flexibility over setup so they can work with changing jobsite conditions.
The Limen Group’s results (shown to the right) are typical.
Our clients see similar results with all our solutions:
  • Portable Hoists
  • Maxial Scaffold Systems or
  • Rack & Pinion Systems
Which system will deliver you the most profits?
Speak to one of our material delivery experts to find out. Over the phone, they will quickly do an audit of your material delivery needs and suggest the most profitable hoist systems for your business.
And because you stopped by our booth, you are eligible forup to $500 in free shipping costs.Our delivery expert will provide the details when you call.

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The Free Shipping offer expires February 28, 2013.

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John Dillon – Rack & Pinion and Maxial Systems

Ken Barrett – Portable Hoist Solutions                                                            

The Limen Group Recognizes 15% Cost Savings Using Beta Max Hoists
Scorpio XL 400lb and Leo 2000lb Hoist

John Ragusa, Vice President of The Limen Group a restoration & masonry company discusses the impact of Beta Max Hoists on The Limen Group Budget, Timelines, and Day to Day Use

Budget: “The hoists allowed us to reduce the amount of man power or better allocate labor to other parts of the jobsite otherwise required to perform these tasks resulting in a savings of approximately 15% of cost.”

Timeline: “We are able to finish projects faster than we did before we started using Beta Max Material Hoists and schedule the next project sooner. This also improved our timeline, increased our total completed projects throughout the year and we were able to increase revenue by taking on more business.”

Use: “We were able to move heavy cumbersome material & equipment up & down several hundred feet safely and efficiently. In some cases it took the place of our tower crane saving us money for rental days and cost for certified crane operators.”
“We were able to move our Scorpio Hoist around with very little effort, which worked out very well for since it had to be move very often.”
“We were very satisfied with the
reliability & durability of our unit; it has proven to be a work horse & has save us countless hours of unnecessary labor cost.”
“We also receive great support from the guys at Beta Max in choosing the proper hoist for our needs & in resolving any issues or dilemmas we encountered along the way. We have since purchased two more Scorpios and a larger unit which we are looking forward to using very soon.”


Beta Max Solutions
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