We’ll Pay You To Help Us Avoid This

Ever seen the “I Love Lucy” episode at the Chocolate Factory where Lucy and Ethel can’t keep up with the assembly line?   It’s funny on TV – but not in real life.   Here at Beta Max, we do everything we can to keep our employees from ever feeling like Lucy or Ethel.   So much so, that we are willing to pay you to help us avoid that.   Every December/January, we get a rush of Maxial Track orders in preparation for the flood of power plant boiler maintenance projects that occur at the beginning of the year.   You can help us avoid that rush of orders, and the Lucille Ball antics that come with it,  by getting your Maxial Track order in this week.   And as a thank you, for helping us keep our sanity, we’ll give you free shipping on your order.    Contact your sales rep today, or call 800.233.5112 to place your order and have your Maxial Track system shipped to at no cost.   This offer is only valid until Midnight November 8th, so act fast.   And if you haven’t seen that “I Love Lucy” episode, here is good part.  Enjoy.

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