Webinar: Hoist Maintenance

      Break It Down, Build It Up: General Hoist Maintenance & TroubleShooting

Date: September 17, 10 am and 3 pm

  • Webinar Info Conference call number: 218-339-2407
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  • Webinar Access Code: 14228665 (view only mode)
  • *Please sign in 5-10 minutes early to download the software   Summary Part of Beta Max University’s Hoist Essentials Series, this session will provide a complete overview of our hoist systems that will help you serve your customers better and ultimately drive revenue for your organization. By the end of the presentation you will know:
    • Portable Hoists
    • Maxial Scaffolding Hoists
    • Rack and Pinion Hoists
    • Techniques & Strategies for incorporating hoists into construction projects

    Join us to learn more about hoist best practices.


    Reference Materials

    For your  convenience, we have included materials for you to download for your reference.   Portable Hoist Reference & Checklists 
  • Maintenance & Inspection Check List
  • TroubleShooting Guide
  • Portable Hoist ManualLeo Reference Guides
  • Leo (single phase power)
  • Leo (three phase power)
  • Leo XXL

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