This Max Climber 3000 has been sold. Contact us directly for other used equipment options.


Tooles/Sachse, LLC, recently purchased this system for the renovation of a historic building in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The unit provided our team with a simple means for loading materials and removing debris throughout the duration of the project. In addition to the Hoist System, we purchased several rolling tables that were set up on each floor of the building, all of which are also for sale. This entire system has only been on this project for 4 months, and can still be serviced by the manufacturer, BETAMAX, INC.

Lift Details


Materials were first delivered to a secured alley, where they were then inventoried, organized, and prepared for loading into the hoist system. Each palette was then placed onto the hoist platform using a standard Fork Lift
(pictured above).


The hoist system was able to deliver materials to and remove debris from over 16 floors spread out across a 32 story range. The system stops precisely at each floor using landing sensors that ensure accurate deliveries every time.


Each floor under construction was fitted with rolling tables
to accept deliveries from the hoist system, and allow for easy loading of debris for removal. The rollers (pictured above, and also for sale) are simply laid on work tables, and are easily removed.

For more information, please contact:

Noah Wolfson
Office: 248.554.6868
Mobile: 248.302.1704
Email: nwolfson@sachseconstruction.com

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