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We Have A Hoist For That

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Need to get your workers in position quickly and efficiently?  Need to lift tools and materials to the upper decks?  Need to move scaffolding material up and down safely?  Need to move appliances, cabinets and debris out of buildings for renovation?  Need to supply stucco, concrete, masonry and other tools and materials to crews working [...]

Top 5 Reasons To Use Beta Max Hoists

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There are many good reasons to use Beta Max High Speed Portable Hoists to move materials on the job.  Here are the TOP 5 REASONS: INCREASED SAFETY.  Beta Max Hoists are a much safer alternative to man-lines, carrying materials up stair towers, ropes and pulleys etc.  Every company should place a high priority on workplace [...]

Get to know the MC4000/3000TP/M – An Extremely Versatile and Efficient Construction Hoist

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Beta Max Hoist MC4000/3000 TP/M (Transport Platform / Material Hoist)  Can be installed either as a Material Hoist or Transport Platform 13-ft. deck ideal for hoisting drywall, sheetrock or other bulky payloads. Extensions can be removed, increasing capacity to 4000-lbs. Much more simple to install at a fraction of the cost compared to larger construction hoists [...]

Beta Max Product Design and Training Director an Active Contributor to the Industry (ANSI, ASSE, SAIA, CSA…)

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Shanon Beekman, Director of Product Design and Training at Beta Max is an active and significant contributor to the industry and offers a wealth of knowledge.Shanon has been with Beta Max Hoist for 9 years.  Following is an overview of his board positions and qualifications:United States:Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (Elevator)Certificate of CompetencyCertified [...]

How Much Job Site Injuries Really Cost And How To Reduce Risk

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Everyone in the industry knows that job site safety is an important issue, and keeping workers safe is a concern of every good employer. From a business standpoint, safety significantly impacts the bottom line and the reality is that beyond just wanting to keep employees safe, companies must look for ways to reduce the risk [...]

Beta Max Launches Online Training Academy

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Beta Max is setting the standard for comprehensive, convenient CERTIFICATION TRAINING now available through our ONLINE Training Academy!Now you can get full Certification Training online for the following:Portable Wire Rope Hoists: Operation, Maintenance and RepairMaxial Track Hoists: Installation, Operation, MaintenanceRack & Pinion Transport Platforms / Material / Personnel Hoists: Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Repair Contact Beta Max [...]

Using Technology to Tackle More Work – Scaffolding the Masts of the USS Kearsarge

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Using the Maxial Scaffold Hoist on the USS KearsargeBy Troy Palmer Getting more work done with the same work force is obviously an attractive concept for any company.  If you can produce more without increasing labor overhead or having to find and train new people, profits go up.  In the scaffolding industry, the number of jobs [...]

Progress Energy Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant-Mega Shut Down

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Beta Max brings power to the people  Progress Energy is embarking on a 300 million dollar overhaul of the Crystal River nuclear power plant in Central Florida—one of the most ambitious outages in U.S. history—and they have turned to Beta Max Hoists to see the project done safely and efficiently. Nuclear power plants typically refuel [...]


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Beta Max  Inc., a leading provider of affordable lifting solutions, introduces its Max Climber™ 2000PMB Rack and Pinion Hoist, ideal for demolition projects requiring an alternate solution when an internal building elevator is no longer operational.  Designed to accommodate confined spaces, the compact size of the Max Climber™ 2000PMB Rack & Pinion Hoist allows the [...]

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