How Many Beta Max Hoists Can You Spot?

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This picture is a perfect example of how Beta Max Hoists can be used on the job to streamline material movement and keep the job flowing with significant increases in productivity.   How many Beta Max Hoists can you spot in this picture? (Hint: The contractor is using more than one type.) Email tpalmer@betamaxhoist.com with [...]

Contractor Testimonial: Doubling Productivity on Ritz-Carlton Renovation with MC3000 Transport Platforms

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Complete Property Services (CPS) recently utilized (4) Beta Max MC3000 Transport Platforms to complete a massive restoration project on the Ritz – Carlton Resort in Naples, FL.  In the video testimonial below, a Superintendent for CPS discusses how these hoists were the solution they needed to provide access in multiple locations around the project to [...]

Beta Max Rack & Pinion Hoists Offer Unique Solutions

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Beta Max offers Rack and Pinion Material Hoists, Personnel Hoists and Transport Platforms that provide perfect solutions for certain construction applications due to several characteristics they all have in common. Rather than try to offer competing hoists of all kinds that are available from multiple manufacturers, Beta Max has maintained a focus on hoists that [...]

Beta Max Portable Hoist Accessories Offer Multiple Solutions for Material Movement

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Whether you need to lift brick, mud, blocks, general materials, tools…Beta Max Hoist Accessories have you covered! With options including Brick Trays, Dumpster Buckets, Equipment Baskets, Block Forks, Spreader Bars and more, we can keep your materials flowing on the job to help you get more done faster, safer and smarter.  Don’t make your skilled workers [...]

Studies Show Surprising Amount Of Time Wasted On Construction Sites

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Multiple studies show that in many, if not most cases, skilled workers actually spend LESS THAN HALF of their time actually producing on construction projects. Most of the time this is not the fault of the workers (it’s not just about being lazy).  As the illustration above shows, the majority of time that is wasted [...]

Ask The Right Questions To Increase Safety AND Profits

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  Increase Productivity, Profits AND Safety by Asking Yourself the 2 Following Questions on EVERY MULTI-STORY PROJECT. “Do I ever experience bottlenecks or delays?” “Is there a better way to move materials up and down on the job?” Yes, it really is that easy.  If you get into the HABIT of asking yourself these questions, you [...]

Top 5 Reasons To Use Beta Max Hoists

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There are many good reasons to use Beta Max High Speed Portable Hoists to move materials on the job.  Here are the TOP 5 REASONS: INCREASED SAFETY.  Beta Max Hoists are a much safer alternative to man-lines, carrying materials up stair towers, ropes and pulleys etc.  Every company should place a high priority on workplace [...]

Improve the Way You Work in 2018! Come see us at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

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Want to improve the way you work in 2018?  We can help!  Increased Safety and Productivity are NOT mutually exclusive.  Beta Max can show you how to increase both safety AND productivity at the same time, which WILL improve your bottom line. You are losing time and money, and increasing risk if you are doing the [...]

Beta Max Product Design and Training Director an Active Contributor to the Industry (ANSI, ASSE, SAIA, CSA…)

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Shanon Beekman, Director of Product Design and Training at Beta Max is an active and significant contributor to the industry and offers a wealth of knowledge.Shanon has been with Beta Max Hoist for 9 years.  Following is an overview of his board positions and qualifications:United States:Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (Elevator)Certificate of CompetencyCertified [...]

Progress Energy Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant-Mega Shut Down

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Beta Max brings power to the people  Progress Energy is embarking on a 300 million dollar overhaul of the Crystal River nuclear power plant in Central Florida—one of the most ambitious outages in U.S. history—and they have turned to Beta Max Hoists to see the project done safely and efficiently. Nuclear power plants typically refuel [...]

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