Suspended In The Sky In Philly

LEO Hoists + Monorail + Swing Stages = Amazing Results on 54-Story Arthouse Building in Philadelphia

Photo Courtesy Superior Scaffold Services

As you can see, there is a lot going on in this picture at the top of the 54-story Arthouse condo building at 301 S. Broad St. in Philadelphia.   In order to lift, move and install massive glass panels on the sides of the building, Superior Scaffold Services combined swing stages (suspended scaffold), a monorail system, and LEO Hoists with Trolley Tops to achieve maximum productivity.

A monorail system is essentially an I-Beam cantilevered across the face of a building so the BETA MAX LEO Hoists with I-beam Trolley-Tops can roll smoothly across the beam into position while carrying (in this case) hundreds of pounds of glass.  The workers on the swing stages then use the hoists to lower and install the panels.

New World Trade Center Freedom Tower
LEO VFD Hoist with I-Beam Trolley-Top on Monorail

This method of lifting and installing panels with LEO Hoists and monorail systems started to gain significant popularity with glazing companies and others when Benson Industries reported a 30% increase in productivity during the construction of the New World Trade Center.

LEO VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Hoists provide soft start / stop technology which protects fragile payloads and variable speed for precision placement.


Photo Courtesy Superior Scaffold Services