Shadrock Masonry Builds Texas A&M Dome

Texas A&M

Project: Masonry Exterior of Central Academic Building 

Location: Texas A&M San Antonio Campus

Demands:  Transport brick & mortar to 70 feet high building dome safely and economically.

Solution: Beta Max Max Climber 2000 Material Hoist (Rack & Pinion

Company: Shadrock & Williams Masonry Ltd. 

Shadrock and Williams Masonry contacted Beta Max Hoists a few months back for assistance with a new project.  The project is the Central Academic Building of Texas A&M University at San Antonio campus.

In the video above, Wes Shadrock explains that the brick dome of the building created some unique obstacles particularly with material delivery. He goes on to explain that a rack and pinion hoist from Beta Max gave them the control, speed and confidence to the bid the project and significantly lower price than what a crane would have cost to do the job. 

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