Scaffolding at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Universal Studios
with Maxial Track Hoists

Photo Credits: EPIC Shutter Photography, Peaceful Thrill Seaker

April 2024 — Ever notice how often Maxial Track Hoists are used in high-profile scaffolding projects? This month we are honored that they are being utilized both by Trekker Group for construction at the new Universal Studios Epic Universe and by Scaffold Resource on the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Maxial Track Hoists are the hands-down favorite hoists to use for safe, efficient scaffolding. There are several reasons why, but one key factor according to recent feedback is that “We have tried the other hoist options that have come out, and it just seems like the Maxial hoists are around 10 – 20 times easier to install.”

Stay tuned for more developments on these and other exciting developments! Next up on the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse project will be the installation of one of our MC2000PMB Personnel Hoists, which will run up the entire tower of the lighthouse.