Max Climber 6000P

This Offer Is No Longer Available

For a Limited time Beta Max, Inc. is offering Max Climber 6000P Model Year 2009 Man & Material Lift Systems. 

Full and Complete Systems with all hardware needed to be fully functional to 100 Feet Operational Height for only $99,999.99.

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This maximum performance rack and pinion hoist provides features like:

Installation Jib:  The built in Erection Jib enables fast & productive hoist assembly without the need of a dedicated crane.  The specially designed and calibrated electric jib system easily lifts each mast section up from the cabin area and places the mast section squarely over the existing top mast section.  This saves time and installation expense.

Cargo Overload Sensor:  To protect your investment an advanced yet simple Cargo Safety Sensor Overload System monitors cargo loads and distribution.  If the car is loaded above maximum capacity the operator is alerted of this situation. 

Cargo “C” Door Design:  The “C” door along the long side of the cabin & the ground enclosure enhances job site productivity.  This access point enables cargo to be loaded & unloaded via forklift at grade level. Drywall & debris can now be loaded / unloaded in a third of the time.  The “C” door design is a space saver in tight locations or dense metropolitan areas.



* Offer good only on selected hoists in stock. Offer lasts until April 30, 2010. These systems are brand new fully factory warranted and differ in appearance only from our newly delivered 2010 models. 

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