Beta Max Hoist is a sponsor of the Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 this year.

We will be at all the regional and national events, cheering on the masons and tenders, and doing product demos.  Here is a promo for the nationals event in Vegas.




Block and mortar inherently come with several built in obstacles that every contractor must contend with. Block and mortar are heavy, physical delivery of these materials means increased risk of physical injury and pulley systems can risky to operate. A Beta Max hoist is designed to alleviate the burden of down time due to labor exhaustion.
  • Delivery of block and mortar at a higher rate of speed.
  • Increased efficiency and safety by eliminating a pulley system.
  • Carrying accessories designed for lifting typical masonry materials.

Beta Max offers portable material hoist models for every project.

The safest way to move 200 to 2000 lbs. of materials to virtually any job level (up to 400 feet in one run).  

Safety Features

  • Up limit switch stops the hoist instantly when load reaches the top.
  • Non-rotating wire rope keeps the loads from spinning.
  • Failsafe brake, all loads are powered up and down, no free-falling even in the event of a power loss.
  • Rugged & dependable electrical controller with overload sensing device to protect your hoist from damage.
  • Twist lock power connections prevent the power cords from being accidentally kicked or knocked loose.

    Click on a specific model for more information.

    Portable HoistImageLifting CapacityLift Speed
    (Up & Down)
    Max Lift HeightAC Power
    LEO XXL - Soft Start
    Single Line / Double Line
    material hoists1,000 lb / 2,000 lbVariable speed (up to 80 fpm)
    settings with soft start and stop
    400 ft / 200 ft220V, 3Ô or
    220V, 1Ô
    Single Line / Double Line
    material hoists1,000 lb / 2,000 lb80 fpm / 40 fpm400 ft / 200 ft220V, 3Ô
    Single Line / Double Line
    rack and pinion1,000 lb / 2,000 lb80 fpm / 40 fpm220 ft / 110 ft220V, 1Ô
    Single Line / Double Line
    Scaffold Hoist600 lb / 1,200 lb80 fpm / 40 fpm220 ft / 110 ft110V, 1Ô or
    220V, 1Ô
    Single Line Only
    Scaffold Hoist600 lb80 fpm350 ft220V, 1Ô
    Single Line Only
    material hoists400 lb80 fpm160 ft110V, 1Ô

    For specific details on mounting options, choose a specific material hoist model first.

    Beta Max Scorpio Post Mount

    Our simplest mounting system is perfect for attaching our lighter weight hoist to existing scaffolding. This mount pivots 180 degrees, allowing convenient unloading at work level.

    Beta Max Scorpio Post Mount

    Our most flexible and versatile mounting system is used with all of our large capacity hoists. The addition of a rolling I-Beam Trolley Top allows many Beta Max Hoists to adapt to existing I-Beams. If the horizontal trolley is not necessary Beta Max offers a Fixed I-Beam Top which firmly holds the hoist stationery on the I-Beam.

    Beta Max Scorpio Post Mount

    Our heavy-duty mounting system is perfect for our large capacity hoists. This mount is easily installed for between-the-floor or rooftop lifting, but must be properly counterbalanced.

    Beta Max Scorpio Post Mount

    Our most popular mounting system attaches in minutes, with no tools, to existing scaffolding and is used with all Beta Max hoists.Unlimited system lengths are available using add-on 7 ft. Scaff-Trac extensions.

    Beta Max offers a full line of trade specific accessories. You can see all of them here.

    Videos of the Scorpio, Gemini, Leo and VFD in action (click playlist)


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