Maintenance Webinar

Break It Down, Build It Up: General Hoist Maintenance & TroubleShooting

Date: June 18, 9 am

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    Proper maintenance and troubleshooting equipment issues, is quickly moving to the forefront for many commercial construction companies as a way to save money by protecting and maintaining equipment.

    By the end of the presentation you will know:

    • Identify hoist parts and components
    • Proper care and storage of portable hoists
    • Identifying power issues and basic troubleshooting
    • Shroud removal and repairs
    • Wire rope maintenance and proper procedures for winding
    • Control box inspection

    Join us to learn more about hoist maintenance best practices.


    Reference Materials

    For your  convenience, we have included materials for you to download for your reference.

    Portable Hoist Reference & Checklists 

  • Maintenance & Inspection Check List
  • TroubleShooting Guide
  • Portable Hoist Manual

    Leo Reference Guides

  • Leo (single phase power)
  • Leo (three phase power)
  • Leo XXL

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