LGH Offers Big-Screen Solution Using LEO Hoists In Miami Beach

October 2021 – LGH is a company that specializes in providing specialized equipment for hoisting, rigging, jacking and lifting equipment with locations across North America.  They are also the NA Distributor for BETA MAX Portable and Maxial Track Hoists.  

LGH was recently asked to provide a safe and efficient solution to lift multiple large Samsung Primsview signs for placement on the exterior of the 1212 Lincoln Building in Miami Beach, FL.

LGH’s South Florida rep Evans Raveneau offered a solution incorporating several BETA MAX LEO Hoists and their customer was familiar with the BETA MAX Hoists and immediately stated that this is what they needed.

LEO hoists are frequently used as an alternative to cranes for smaller jobs due to the space requirements and cost of crane rentals, and in this case the low-profile configuration provided the necessary cantilever to lift the panels without interfering with the swing stage already in place on the building.  

LEO VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Hoists also offer variable speed with soft start / stop technology which protects fragile loads.

LEO Hoists can lift up to 2000 lbs. providing an incredibly cost-efficient alternative to the cost of cranes for many applications.  For more information about LEO Hoists or other BETA MAX HOISTS solutions to improve your jobsite safety and efficiency click here.