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Material HoistMost industries and contractors are under pressures that stem from deadlines, safety precautions, budget allowances, and a direct and immediate need to have all necessary equipment and materials readily available. Hoists provide time saving, safe, and independent working ability for all these needs.

No need to risk the imposed work stoppages associated with shared lifts, or cranes on a jobsite between trades or contractors. Improved completion times for all projects. Simplified and expedited material lifting solutions cut man hours, save time, and enhance safety at the work site.

When asked why a Beta Max hoist was necessary on his job site, this is what Mark Coreras had to say.

“I was frustrated with the time wasted having to search for, or having to w Hoists make Glazing easyait to borrow someone else’s equipment, hoist, or crane. It tends to strain the working relationships on larger projects with other contractors. If I run behind my schedule, then I am now effectively delaying theirs.

Since we invested in our own hoist, we never have that problem. I have been able to increase productivity, cut down on worker’s comp claims, take on more projects with the time saved, and overall increase my work and revenue load by approximately 28%.”

Your customers don’t need you to tell them what they need, they have told us. We have engineered our lifting solutions with them already in mind. 


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