Can 10% Business Growth

Earn You 46% More Profit?


… When done strategically with Beta Max Hoists, it can.


Successful dealers know that huge profit gains in their business come from taking small steps toward that goal, everyday.

Small gains add up. When done strategically with Beta Max,
they add up fast.

Below is a step-by-step process to rapidly grow your business while protecting yourself from the ups and downs of the construction industry.

STEP 1: Instantly expand your customer base by 10%
(and lower your business risk)


It’s a good bet your customers come from just a few construction sectors (GC’s, Scaffold, etc.)  And the performance of your business rises and falls with the state of those sectors.


Those rise and falls have been pretty steep the past few years!


Expanding your customer base to include other sectors can lower your risk and level out the peaks and valleys of your business.


Beta Max Hoists are used by a large array of construction sectors and trades.


Adding Beta Max Hoists to your inventory will instantly expand your customer base to include sectors you don’t currently attract.  More potential customers means more sales and more stability as you grow.

 Expand Customer Base

STEP 2: Increase your average revenue per sale by 10%
by taking a cue from

Imagine how small would be if they didn’t offer home delivery.  Sure, they still sold products online, but it was up to you to arrange and schedule how your purchase would be picked up from the Amazon warehouse and shipped to your home.

Amazon and You're Done

Not exactly the same hassle-free Amazon experience we’re use to is it?


Amazon is a $60 Billion dollar company because they provide a complete solution.  As their tagline says,

“ and you’re done.”


Do you provide a complete solution to your customers?    Do you help your customers get the equipment and supplies they buy to where they need them?


Beta Max Hoist systems allow you to offer your customers a complete, “and you’re done” solution by delivering your products to where your customer needs them – fast.


Adding Beta Max hoists, mounting options and accessories to your sales can easily increase the revenues you receive per sale by 10% or more.

STEP 3: Speed up your repeat business by 10%
by helping your customers win more bids.


Repeat business is the “secret ingredient” to huge profit margins.  Vacation homes in Colorado and the Caribbean are bought and paid for by customers that come back and buy again and again and again.

Welcome Back

Most likely, your customers buy from you when they have won a bid or a new project.   So how often does your average customer win a bid and buy from you?


Every 9 months? Every 6 months?


Help your customers when more bids and you will shorten the time between repeat purchases.  


Shorten the time between repeat purchases and you will make loads more money.


Beta Max Hoist delivery systems are faster, cheaper and safer than most traditional methods of delivery (cranes, lulls, rope and pulley, etc.)


Companies that use Beta Max Hoists can submit bids that have shorter completion times, lower total cost, and lower risk (not only risk of accidents but risk of delays from scheduling shared use of delivery equipment.)


We are able to finish projects faster than we did before we started using Beta Max Material Hoists and schedule the next project sooner. This also improved our timeline, increased our total completed projects throughout the year and we were able to increase revenue by taking on more business.

The Limen Group

When you give your customers the complete solution of delivering your materials and equipment with a Beta Max Hoist, they will win more bids and buy more often.

STEP 4: Increase your profit margin per transaction by 10%
with high value products.


Customers ask for Beta Max by name and are willing to pay full retail prices to get the performance and dependability of a Beta Max Hoist.


Our original plan was to use a Golo hoist for this particular project, but the problem with the Golo was the speed from 200′ was to slow and we felt 3 guys in a swing stage would be waiting to long for material. With the Beta Max Material Hoist we are hoisting 20% more material than we had originally estimated.

Pacific Erectors


After using Hi-Tech Hoist products over the past year, I have decided to return to the Beta Max line. I called Beta Max and explained in detail that we now understand why Hi-Tech Hoist’s pricing is cheaper.” Lakhwinder Singh, L&B Building Supplies, Inc.

Lakhwinder Singh, L&B Building Supplies, Inc.

Beta Max provides our dealers deep discounts on purchases along with resell and rental pricing guidance which leads to higher profit margins.


Profit margins on resells of our equipment by dealers can be 30% or more, while the yearly returns on rental income for our equipment is often over 200%. (Call us to get specific product examples)


Adding high profit Beta Max Hoist products to your inventory can easily bump your profit margins by 10% or more.

Putting it all together:

 Beta Max Dealer Profit

(Numbers shown are for illustration purposes only.)

By focusing on small increases in a few key areas, successful dealers can achieve a near 50% increase in profits.

We want YOU to achieve that type of growth, and we provide you support BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the sale to make that happen.

Including access to our:

Beta Max Referral Network

Want Ready-To-Close Sales Sent To You At No Cost?

Through our Max Referral Network, Beta Max delivers pre-sold, purchase-order-ready sales directly to our dealers from the sales inquiries we receive on a daily basis.

Some of our dealers get over 50% of their Beta Max sales handed to them by us – and we are happy to do it.   WHY?


Because we want the decision to become a Beta Max Dealer to be extremely low risk.  And although not guaranteed, a product line where 50% of your sales are supplied by the manufacturer is an easy decision to make.


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