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Delivery bottlenecks cost time and money. Free up your crews with small footprint material and personnel lifts.

Complete Construction, Restoration and Demolition Projects Faster

Beta Max Material Lift Beta Max Personnel Lift



    Each construction hoist or material hoist is composed of a base unit, payload basket, base frame, cable barrel, 5’ mast sections, and control panel or pendant and drive unit with emergency over speed brake.

    A complete transport platform incorporates a customized length of mast, cable guides, wall or scaffold anchors and power/pendant cable. These construction material hoists feature optional floor stops and specialty carrying devices are also available.

    Available in capacities from 1,000 – 4,000 lbs, with constant and variable speed models up to 80 fpm.

    Rack & Pinion Hoists Lifting CapacityMax Anchor HeightBasket Dimension
    Max Climber 2500 Material Only2,500 lb400 ft48 in x 89 in
    Max Climber 2000 PMB Personnel Lift2,000 lb500 ft93 in x 95 in
    Max Climber 2500 TP-M (Transport Platform or Material)2,500 lb400 ft48 in x 89 in
    Max Climber 4000/3000 Transport Platform3,000 lb or
    4,000 lb
    450 ft48 in x 89 in or
    48 in x 154 in
    Max Climber 4000 Transport Platform4,000 lb 450 ft48 in x 89 in or
    48 in x 154 in

    Get your people where they need to be quickly and safely with the Max Climber 2000PMB Personnel Hoist.

    With a footprint of only 8ft by 8ft, this rack and pinion hoist transports up to 7 people or 2,000 pounds of material to a height of 500 feet at the high speed of 80 fpm.

    Get the Max Climber 2000PMB Personnel Hoist Specs here.

    Videos of the Max Climber 2500 and Max Climber 1000 in action


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