Maxial Track Hoists Provide Immediate ROI on Panama City Scaffold Project

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May 2019 Investing in equipment is a normal cost of doing business, and of course the hope is that thenew equipment will provide enough benefit to eventually “pay for itself”. Typically it is not realistic to purchase equipment (or anything for that matter) and expect to get a 100% IMMEDIATE Return On Investment, but that […]

BETA MAX HOISTS Wins SAIA Collaborative Commercial Project of the Year Award

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Beta Max Wins Award at SAIA for”Commercial Collaborative Project of the Year”. (July 2017) The annual SAIA Conference was held in Montreal, and the event was capped off with the President’s Gala Awards Banquet.  Among the many awards that were presented to various industry leaders for their contributions to SAIA and the scaffold industry, Beta […]

Scaffold Company Attributes Stellar Safety Rating To Use Of Maxial Track Hoists In Boilers

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November, 2015—Every manufacturer loves getting solid testimonials from the people in the field that use their equipment, and Beta Max Hoists recently received the type of testimonial that companies dream about getting. StructSure Scaffold & Insulation, a subsidiary of MHS Legacy Group, is based in the Ohio Valley.  They specialize in scaffold and insulation services […]

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