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Finding the right mix of access solutions for mid-rise construction.

The Paramount Luxury Condominiums are being built along the Indian River just 45 minutes away from Kennedy Space Center.

Providing efficient access to the upper levels of a mid-rise project requires a unique mix of equipment. Fork and Boom Lifts can be used for the first 5 floors, but for the higher levels there are fewer options.

Richard Bandini is the CGC in charge of the project. The twin 110′ buildings on this project are actually smaller than many of the projects he worked on so he wanted to explore options for access and material movement that would be a better fit for this type of project. He remembered driving a jobsite in Jacksonville and noticing a BETA MAX Hoist

“On a mid-rise project like this the larger construction hoists I am used to wouldn’t really be feasible, and it would be too expensive and impractical to use the crane for everything. The BETA MAX Hoist gave us access to the upper floors, and has a much smaller footprint and was much cheaper and simpler to install…

…in addition to moving workers and tools up and down, the contractors have been using the MC3000 Transport Platform to move everything drywall, tile to granite countertops.”

A BETA MAX Leo Hoist with an I-Beam Trolley Top is also installed on the roof of the Paramount building. The Leo is a High Speed Wire Rope Hoist that can lift up to 1000lbs at 80’per minute. It is being used to lift stucco mud, paint, and other tools and materials from the ground level to all floors of the building.

The Beta Max MC3000 Transport Platform and the Leo Hoist provide some of the most efficient possible access and material movement on multi-story buildings.

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