“Taste The Soup” with a Gemini 110 Hoist

Construction sites are like busy restaurants

– with one important exception.


At the end of the 80’s movie “Coming to America”, Eddie Murphy tells a joke about a man in a restaurant calling the waiter to his table because something is wrong …



You would assume, once the waiter realized there was no spoon to taste the soup he ran to get one.  


But what if instead the waiter said this,


You have to wait while we all share a spoon

Sounds absurd right? But that’s where restaurants and construction sites differ – especially construction jobs at height.


Construction hoists are as vital to working at height as spoons are for eating soup.  They deliver materials up to where you need them, when you need them, but you’ll still commonly hear foreman say,


You'll have to wait, we are sharing crane time. 

That should sound just as absurd.  Especially when, 


A Gemini 110 Wire Rope Hoists mounts just about anywhere and will lift 1,200 lbs on a 110V power.Beta Max Gemini Plus


With the Gemini Hoist, you control your work flow and material delivery.

(No more waiting on cranes or lifts.)


With the Gemini Hoist, you deliver materials to your crew as fast as they work.

(Faster and safer than moving materials by hand allowing more time doing real work.)



Get the full details and specs of the Gemini Hoist here.


Add a vital piece of equipment to your crew’s arsenal and start getting more done on your jobsite today.



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