Beta Max Hoists on the Ritz

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The Iconic Ritz Carlton Hotel in Naples, FL is undergoing a massive exterior renovation, and it is being completed in record time with the help of (4) MC3000/4000 Transport Platforms providing access to all levels.

Complete Property Services (CPS) is the General Contractor on the job, and they were tasked with completing what would ordinarily be about 9 months of work in about 4 months.  In order to accomplish this, they needed to eliminate delays and downtime as much as possible, and keep the job moving efficiently with multiple subcontractors and trades. 


To accomplish this, CPS rented 4 Beta Max Transport Platforms and positioned them at different locations around the property to move workers and materials up and down from the ground to all floors of the resort hotel.

The hoists were used to move painters and painting equipment, stucco, general materials and tools, and to remove trash and debris.  Rather than having multiple contractors waiting for their turn on a large buck hoist, by employing multiple MC3000 units at different locations, crews were able to work more independently with almost constant access to all levels.


For more information about the MC3000/4000 Transport Platforms, please contact us at 800.644.6478.

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