What is a “VFD” and Why Does It Matter?

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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a type of motor controller that controls AC motor speed / torque by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor. 

This is also sometimes referred to as a Variable Speed Drive, because essentially a VFD is what gives a motor the ability to speed up or slow down as opposed to just running or stopping.

There are several reasons that VFD technology is important when it comes to hoist systems:

  • Reduced risk of motor damage / Increased motor longevity
  • Variable Speed Capability
  • Increased Power Efficiency
  • Soft Start / Stop Function eliminates jarring – ideal for glass, marble, other fragile payloads 
  • Ability for precision adjustments for placing panels etc.


Beta Max incorporates VFD’s into the LEO VFD High Speed Wire Rope Hoists (which were used extensively on the New World Trade Center in NYC), the MC2500-V TPM (Transport Platform / Material Hoist) and the MC2000PMB-V Personnel Hoist (pictured below on the PG&E Building in San Francisco).


For more information on these hoists call 800.644.6478 or contact  CLICK HERE to see the Leo VFD Hoist in action at the World Trade Center.

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