Beta Max Rack & Pinion Hoists Offer Unique Solutions

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Beta Max offers Rack and Pinion Material Hoists, Personnel Hoists and Transport Platforms that provide perfect solutions for certain construction applications due to several characteristics they all have in common.

Rather than try to offer competing hoists of all kinds that are available from multiple manufacturers, Beta Max has maintained a focus on hoists that are ideal for mid-rise construction and for special (but not uncommon) circumstances such as limited availability of space.  Some of the special characteristics that Beta Max Hoists have become known for include the following:

  • Versatility–Beta Max offers hoists that can be installed either as a Transport Platform or as a Material Only Hoist, and one of the smallest Personnel Hoists available that can fit just about anywhere.  In addition, the MC4000/3000 Hoist can be installed either with a 13′ deck and 3000 lb capacity, or the platform extensions can be removed to provide a smaller footprint with a 4000 lb capacity.
  • Smaller Footprint–Beta Max specializes in Rack & Pinion Hoists that can be used for applications where most hoists will not fit such as elevator shafts or on countless job sites that don’t have space available for larger hoists. 
  • Lower Pull-out and Shear Forces–Because Beta Max Hoists are smaller and more lightweight, the anchoring and wall ties are simpler so there is less impact on the structure or building.  Beta Max Hoists can also be installed on scaffolding or on wood frame structures.
  • Quicker and Easier Installation–Self erecting (no crane required).
  • Simplicity and Reliability–Beta Max Hoists are specifically designed for the North American market so the electronics and other components are compatible and work exceptionally well with standard available power (most run on 208v, 3 phase power).  These hoists are also designed to last, without unnecessary bells and whistles that can lead to maintenance and repair headaches.  Beta Max hoists are workhorses that just keep running.
  • Availability of Spare Parts and Service / Technical Support–Beta Max stocks more parts in inventory than just about anyone so if there is ever an issue, it can generally be addressed quickly without much downtime.  Beta Max also has trained technical and service support personnel available to help if needed.

When considering the use of construction hoists, if you don’t need to lift 5 or 6 thousand pounds every day, if you have limited space available or if you want to minimize the impact to the structure, or if you just want a more cost effective solution that is easier to install Beta Max Rack & Pinion Hoists provide excellent options to help you eliminate delays and bottlenecks to keep your jobs flowing and get more done with less overhead.



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