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Okay, we admit it. We’re Jealous.

The projects you put our Beta Max equipment on are pretty damn cool; from 300 feet down a hole in Venezuela, to inside a 500 foot solar tower in the desert, to the top of the World Trade Center, and everything in between.


We love hearing about your projects.


And we want to show off your work to the world.


We want to show off your work.


Email me,, with a brief description of a past or upcoming project that includes a Beta Max Hoist.


We’ll do a story or a video showcasing you and your project. And we’ll send you a free Beta Max t-shirt as well.


Here are couple examples of recent case study we’ve done. Email me to have yours be next.


Benson Industries World Trade Center Glazing Project


Shadrock & Williams Masonry Dome Project at University of Texas


Scaffold Crew Finds $250k on Boiler Project


Scaffold Resource Monument Restoration


I can’t wait to hear about your project.


Bart Pair

Beta Max Hoist

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