Pop-Up Parks use scaffolding to turn city life into urban retreats

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The view of scaffolding on an urban street is usually just an eyesore of metal, sheeting, plywood and a construction company sign or two (or 7.)   Better scaffoldingA company called Softwalks is convinced it doesn’t have to be that way.  They are changing the look of temporary scaffolding by installing garden kits which include chairs, plants, screens, standup counters and more.  These Softwalks are fast and relatively easy to set up just about anywhere, even on a busy corner in the middle of New York City.  People love to take a break from their fast paced day to just sit and relax, and there may soon be more places to do that.   This idea of repurposing is catching on so check  it out in this article:   Pop-Up Parks Turn City Scaffolding Into Urban Retreats – Care2 …

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