OSHA’s New Crane Rules for Material Delivery

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OSHA just established new rules regarding the delivery of construction materials to a project site and its not that simple where your specific situation may fall.  The intent of the rule is as follows: –          If you drive up to the site, drop off the material and leave, you are “out of-scope”  (don’t need to comply with additional OSHA requirements, i.e. certifications etc.) –          If you do anything else with the material such as stack it, stabilize it etc., even place it a manner that would be considered “staged” for use, then you are “in-scope” and must be trained to the new standards. But that leaves a lot of room for subjectivity and little room for material delivery providers. What equipment you use matters as well, as there are exceptions to compliance. –          Articulating knuckle-boom cranes with fork and cradle assembly have exceptions where compliance is not required.  i.e. if equipped with auto overload protection device. –          Telescoping or stick-boom cranes however are “in scope” for that same situation. Sound confusing?  It is and that is why webinars are being conducted to clear up the details. Here is a link to an old webinar and how you can see a  replay.

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