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Even with a bad economy, the Mast Climbing Sector is growing in the international markets. Although this relatively young product was off to a promising start, the market crash looked like it was going to put a damper on its future.  Their focus on two aspects of business success, innovative products and major projects showed their resilience to a potentially dim future.  A couple of major players in the inventive market, Hydro Mobile and Fraco, worked with manufacturers to come up with new products that could acquire some major projects to get them back to on target. Check out their 2013 outlook below:   NEW INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS   Hydro Mobile Hydro Mobile introduced the Transport Platform.  This fully modular unit can lift up to 4,000 pounds.  Its flexibility offers several configurations:
  • It can operate as a single platform, or
  • Two platforms sharing one mast, and
  • As a combined transport platform and master climber solution sharing multiple masts.
  It also offers an off-loading system providing safe access and egress and is available with gas or electric applications.   Fraco Fraco introduced a new Under-bridge platform, the BR-1.  It offers:
  • A wheeled chassis as opposed to a truck chassis
  • The platform is 23 feet, 3 inches by 6 feet wide
  • It can lift 1500 pounds
  • The platform strike is 12 feet allowing it to be lowered under a bridge
  • It can slew 180 degrees to position to position the platform underneath the bridge superstructure
  With their recent partnership with ex-Alimak CEO Krister Kempanien, they expect to produce a range of hoists.  For example, their first is the  SHE series of single and twin car construction elevators and the SEL 400 Industrial Lift.   PROJECTS:   Hydro Mobile is working on the Freedom Tower project in  New York City.  Partnered with Raxtar and Atlantic Scaffolding, their access solution provides them the ability to transport 1300-1400 people, tools and materials daily to each floor of the projected 1776 feet high structure.   Read more about this articles below…

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