2012 Shows Reduction In Tall Building Development

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2012 proved to be a year when almost everything slowed down or decreased.  An annual report from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Development (CTBUH) showed 12 less tall building projects completed than in 2011. This report was based on these figures:  
  • 2011 – 82 tall buildings completed
  • 2012 – 66 tall buildings completes
  The definition of tall buildings used in this report were those that were taller than 656 feet (200 meters).   Let’s look at the 2012 numbers by region:
  • Middle East – 16
  • Asia – 25
  • North America – 6
  • Australia – 3
  It was further noted that in 2012 :
  • 41 of the tallest 100 projects completed included residential components
  • The four tallest residential buildings in the world are located in Dubai which completed the world’s  two tallest buildings the Princess Tower(1,355 feet) and Marina (1,289 feet).
  Urbanization in countries such as China and Australia, brought about the need to build upward due to the availability of urban land.   Despite the decrease in 2012,  it is expected that 2013 will outnumber the 2011 figure. There are currently 437 tall buildings under construction worldwide.   Read More Here: Tall building completions decrease worldwide in 2012

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