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Need to get your workers in position quickly and efficiently? 
Need to lift tools and materials to the upper decks? 
Need to move scaffolding material up and down safely? 
Need to move appliances, cabinets and debris out of buildings for renovation? 
Need to supply stucco, concrete, masonry and other tools and materials to crews working on swing stages and work platforms?




Beta Max offers hoists for all of the above applications and more.


High-Speed Portable Wire Rope Hoists


“We were able to move heavy, cumbersome material and equipment up and down several hundred feet safely and efficiently.  In some cases it took the place of our tower crane saving us money for rental days and crane operators…”


Beta Max offers a full line of portable hoists that can lift up to 1000 lbs. at 80 feet per minute or up to 2000 lbs. at up to 40 feet per minute.  These hoists are versatile with a variety of mounting options for mounting on scaffolding, I-beams or stand-alone systems.


Maxial Track Hoists


“(Maxial Hoists) have reduced my liability exposure DRAMATICALLY”

– L.A. Guinther, StructSure Scaffold Project Manager


“We were able to reduce the risk of injury from materials being dropped in the daisy-chain…the Maxial allowed us to get materials to the top in a safe manner.”

–Jim Shea, Empire Scaffold Services Division Manager

Maxial Track Hoists have become an industry standard for scaffolding E&D.  The Maxial runs on a track system and builds along with the scaffold.  They carry baskets specifically built to carry scaffolding materials and run at 80 feet per minute.  These popular hoists eliminate the need to pass materials up and down a man-line or “daisy-chain” which improves safety and productivity, and allows companies to better allocate and utilize their manpower.



Rack & Pinion Material Hoists, Transport Platforms and Personnel Hoists


“We would have lost a number of hours every single day for every worker just getting up and down…they would have gotten fatigued…the hoist was instrumental to safety, worker comfort, and material movement…” 

Brett Rugo, Rugo Stone.

“We kept the hoist running 10 hrs a day…it went up full, and came down full…it really helped us keep the job flowing”  “We saved around $70k by using it instead of a crane”





Beta Max offers Rack & Pinion Material Hoists, Transport Platforms and Personnel Hoists that are versatile, easy to install and operate, safe and reliable…all at a fraction of the cost of larger hoists and cranes. 



Beta Max Hoists are known for their smaller footprint, quicker and easier installation and lower tie-back forces.

Whether you need to move men, or material such as brick, block, mud, glass, tile etc. or if you are involved in scaffold E&D…Beta Max Hoists have you covered, and will help you increase safety and productivity at the same time.  If you aren’t using Beta Max Hoists you are costing yourself money and creating unnecessary liability exposure. 

What are you waiting for? 

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