DELANCEY STUCCO AND PLASTER CHOOSES BETA MAX The Max Climber 1000 is used in a luxury condo project in Melbourne, Florida

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Beta Max Inc., a provider of alternate methods for lifting building materials and passengers for over 20 years, is pleased to announce that Delancey Stucco and Plaster has selected the Max Climber 1000 for their construction and hoist needs.

Beta Max’s Max Climber 1000 will provide the material lifting solution for the Harbor Edge Condo project in Melbourne, Fla.  This nine-story condo project would have taken four months to complete due to its complex space constraints. However, with the assistance of the Max Climber 1000, completion time was reduced by half.

Designed for easy installation and set-up, the Max Climber 1000 features five foot long, 73 pound mast sections that can be easily installed with three bolts. The Max Climber 1000 is the perfect hoist for jobsites of all sizes that require the continuous lifting of general building materials. The hoist is space efficient and features a 400 foot maximum working height with a lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds and a materials basket measuring 67-by-40 inches.   For these reasons, the Max Climber 1000 was the perfect choice for Delancey Stucco and Plaster when the company began researching what options would be the best fit for the job.

Chris Delancey, sole proprietor of Delancey Stucco and Plaster, said, “The Max Climber 1000 is a life-saver.  Bottom line, I love the product. Manually carrying materials up the stairs is a killer. I can safely say that I would not have results in such a short amount of time had I not used the product.  I am planning to use it many times in the future.”

Chris Delancey plans to use Beta Max Hoists products, including the Max Climber 1000, on future projects that include a ten-story condo that is currently being designed in the Melbourne area.

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