Man climbs 108 floors in under 8 minutes

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Winner of Stratosphere Stair Climb

Unless everyone of your work crew can climb stairs as fast as this guy, you are better off installing a Max Climber 2000 PMB personnel hoist.


Sproule Love climbed 108 floors in 7 minutes and 22 seconds to win the Scale the Strat contest in Las Vegas last week.  Impressive for sure.  But after accomplishing that feat, he probably took the rest of the day off – and the elevator down.


How much time do your workers “take off” after climbing the stairs on your job site?stratosphere las vegas


That recovery time is expensive because you are paying your people to sit.  Get that time back by installing a man and material hoist.  


Check out the details of a small, footprint personnel hoist here, and start paying your workers to work, instead of to sit.



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