Beta Max Offers Scorpio Plus & Plus XL Portable Hoists

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Ideal replacement for rope and pulley systems Beta Max Inc., a leading provider of affordable material lifting solutions, offers the Scorpio Plus and Plus XL Portable Hoists. Portable and flexible enough to adapt to most scaffolds and powerful enough to lift up 400 pounds, the Scorpio Plus and Plus XL are the ideal replacement for conventional ropes and pulleys. The perfect tool to keep materials flowing to workers on scaffolding and suspended staging, the Scorpio Plus and Plus XL can travel at a speed of up to 80 fpm and can travel up to 160 feet.  Additionally, the hoists are available with a variety of accessories to lift materials, and have flexible mounting options for attaching to scaffolding and I-Beams. To ensure safety, Beta Max’s Scorpio hoists are equipped with an upper limit switch that stops the hoist instantly when the load reaches the top and an overloading sensing device that protects the motor from damage.  Additionally, Beta Max Hoists come equipped with non-rotating cables to help prevent loads from spinning while lifting and lowering objects. All Beta Max Hoists Systems meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA specifications. About Beta Max Beta Max Inc., of Melbourne, Florida, has been providing the construction and restoration industries with alternate methods for lifting building materials for over 16 years.  For more information on the Portable Hoist contact Beta Max Inc., P.O. Box 2750, Melbourne, FL 32902-2750.  Call: 800-233-5112 or fax: 321-768-9517.  Visit Beta Max Inc. on the World Wide Web at

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