Beta Max Offers New Yorker Portable Hoist

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Ideal for material lifting on long reach projects   Beta Max Inc., a leading provider of affordable personnel and material lifting solutions, offers the New Yorker Portable Hoist as an ideal solution for lifting materials on projects requiring long reach.  The New Yorker Portable Hoist easily attaches to scaffolding, I-Beams and Trestle/Monorails.  Portable, flexible, and strong enough to withstand tough job site environments, the New Yorker provides a cost-effective alternative for lifting building materials. Beta Max’s New Yorker features a lifting capacity of 650 pounds and can travel up to 350 feet high at a travel speed of up to 80 fpm.  Originally designed with the Big Apple in mind, the New Yorker is perfect for high rise construction and renovation nationwide.  Various mounting options allow this hoist to adapt to many job site requirements including particularly challenging applications. The New Yorker’s sturdy electrical controller, with an overloading sensing device, protects the motor from damage caused by overwork or poor power supply.  Beta Max Hoists contain a non-rotating cable to help prevent loads from spinning while lifting and lowering objects.  All Beta Max Hoists Systems meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA specifications. About Beta Max Beta Max Inc., of Melbourne, Florida, has been providing the construction and restoration industries with alternate methods for lifting building materials for 20 years.  For more information on the New Yorker Portable Hoist, contact Beta Max Inc., P.O. Box 2750, Melbourne, FL 32902-2750.  Call: 800-233-5112 or fax: 321-768-9517.  Visit Beta Max Inc. on the World Wide Web at

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