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Creative combinations are the answer to every lifting need Beta Max Inc., a leading provider of affordable material lifting solutions, is now offering practical applications packages for a variety of industries.  With limitless combinations of hoists, mountings, and baskets, customers can be sure to find an effective solution to meet their needs.  One such combination includes the Leo Series of portable hoists with I-beam mounting and the durable Mud Tub, an extremely useful lifting solution for working with industrial glass and the construction industry. Featuring integrated Variable Frequency Drive Controllers, the Leo Series, which includes the Leo and the Leo XXL, offers contractors, builders and masons an easier and safer method for lifting fragile materials found in the glass industry.  Soft start and stop capabilities make the hoists perfect for the maneuvering of easily breakable products and operators are able to lift glass panes in finite increments and set them down delicately without the fear of causing damage.  The Leo XXL has a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 lbs. and can travel up to 225 feet high.  Each Leo hoist includes a sturdy electrical controller with an overloading sensing device to protect the motor from damage caused by overwork or poor power supply. The Leo Series is available for use in conjunction with Beta Max’s I-beam mounting option, the most flexible and versatile mounting system available. The hoists can be easily attached to existing I-beams using adjustable trolleys, and can be equipped with motorized trolleys to provide horizontal as well as vertical movement. In addition to the hoist and mounting option, Beta Max also offers a durable Mud Tub for carrying mud, plaster, broken glass, and/or tools on construction jobsites. These plastic containers are reusable and easy to clean.  Perfect when paired with the Leo Series and the I-beam, the durable mud tubs measure 42in. x27in. x18in. or 42in. x27in. x28in.  All Beta Max Hoists Systems meet or exceed UL, CSA, & OSHA specifications.

About Beta Max

Beta Max Inc., of Melbourne, Florida, has been providing the construction and restoration industries with alternate methods for lifting building materials for over 20 years.  For more information on the Portable Hoist with VFD, contact Beta Max Inc., P.O. Box 2750, Melbourne, FL 32902-2750.  Call: 800-233-5112 or fax: 321-768-9517.  Visit Beta Max Inc. on the World Wide Web at

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